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Do you have a business or product?

Then You Should Have A Blog!

Do you want to have more customers?

Then You Need More Traffic!

Quite simply, there are a number of benefits to having a business blog.

1. Increased Website Traffic.

How do people discover your website?

  • Your current customers type your name into google. But you already have them as customers…. no additional benefits there .
  • Perhaps you buy email lists? (Rarely successful) Go ahead and spam these people! How does that make business look?
  • Maybe pay for truck loads of ads, which is a fine way to get custom, but still quite expensive. And what is the first thing that gets reduced when finances drop…..the advertising budget! That equals a drop in customers too.

So, how do we attract traffic in the era of the internet?


Ok, so you have a website… probably have little need to update it that often? Are there many pages? So not much to update then. So what happens? You site drops further down in the search engines.

Not so with a blog!


2. Each blog post is an extra page you can indexed in your website.

More opportunities for your site to climb in the web search. Google and other search engines like activity! These clever little devils check regularly to see what new content is available.

Blogging is also great for social media. people like to share blog posts to Facebook, Linkedin and a multitude of  sites…’s the way the world is heading!

You are also going to find it far easier to maintain a consistent presence on your own social media…..just share your blog posts and presto! Click of a button and people have an update and an immediate opportunity to head to your site.


3. It helps convert that traffic into leads.

Once you have new traffic viewing your blog posts……it is actually easier to capture a lead…..people prefer to give their information to an interactive site rather than a static web page….

Each new post you write is an additional page in the search engines, unlike your website, so you have many more chances to generate a new lead. Simply ensure there is a call to action on every page!

Calls to action work gloriously if there is a free offer or incentive such as a trial etc.

Obviously common sense will tell you that you won’t capture everyone…some will just enjoy reading.

Don’t worry about it. Just get started with your blogging, put calls-to-action on every blog post, and simply aim to improve your content and lead numbers every post!


4. Establishing Authority.

The secret to a valuable blog?????? Give your customers answers and solutions to their common problems…..before they even ask the question!

Constant awesome content will keep people coming back and make you the ‘go to’ authority.

  • If someone finds the answer to their problem or question through stumbling on your blog…..imagine how much more likely they are to buy from you versus your competitors?.
  • Readers will be familiar on your position in your market, and what you offer. Considerably more potential for future business than a completely cold transaction!
  • You can direct any enquiries to pages of your blog, freeing up your time and proving that you are efficient and prepared to your customers.

5. Invests In Long Term Results.

How awesome would it be to have leads and enquiries…..and sales coming in while you are cruising around the med with the family?

Trust me, it feels great to wake up and see a few more sales have come in whilst I was enjoying a huge Sunday roast with my boys :)


Initially your posts might get you 150 views and 15 leads. Following day  few less…… 50 views and 5 leads tomorrow as a few more people find it on their social media news feed……eventually it gets quiet but you have your leads and sales. Just write another post….yes?

Great! But in the meantime all your posts are still ranking somewhere in the search engines!

The effort you put in today will still be serving you days, weeks……. even years down the line.

I am confident that as a serious business owner you now understand how scalable  business blogging is!

Put in the work to generate that traffic and perhaps not straight away, but in time you will reap the rewards.


If you’re looking to start a business blog or get more investment for one you’ve already started, the reasons above are a great place to start arguing your case.

Are you already well underway when it comes to business blogging? Just starting out? Share your thoughts on business blogging below and what you’re looking to get out of it.

Many of you may already have a WordPress blog. WordPress is great. You can build an amazing blog if you install plug ins and once you have purchased your images and built your website and capture pages (or paid someone) to do this for you.(it’s time consuming and frustrating work after all! As a business owner who has the time?)

I am one of the lucky ones that DOESN’T have a WordPress blog. My blog has various theme options, including ready to go video pages and banners…all which I can personalise in a few clicks.

I have tons of plug ins and applications…..such as pop boxes,  capture page facilities and heaps of training on all manner of issues bloggers find costing them money after they start setting up!

What has this cost me? A few thousand probably…..that’s not  excessive for a blog of quality.

Nope! This costs me about as much as a takeaway on a Friday night……just once a month.


and other incredible digital business products that are available to serious business developers.

Don’t believe me? Check out the banner below……and then get back to me when you are ready to get started.





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