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Hey Friend,
I hope your day has been awesome!
Every other Monday my team gets together
for the SistarsUnited Hangout.
We discuss everything from buisness tips to
personal development.
 When the topic moves me, I like to embed the
recording here for my readers to enjoy.
This last  broadcast (Easter Monday) the team got
together despite it being a busy family time…
to discuss the importance of being present and
not obsessed with past or future.
(working with the family in the room….
the joys of the lap top lifestyle :)
This topic hit home with me….
it’s what I have been studying recently…


I was a little gutted I wasn’t available to get on for this one!

Living in the now seems to have become a big theme
for me since studying ‪The Power Of Now‬ by Eckhart Tolle‬.
Probably for the best….
the team may have struggled to shut me up!
I am quite passionate about it…..
if you are interested you can read my blog post
inspired by this book
I hope you get some value from the replay and the blog post :)
Have a fantastic day!
Lucie x
p.s If you are interested in getting involved with the Sistars and the business we work together, click the button below.

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