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I simply had to share this with you , I was so proud when I read it.

Written by my 15 year old son for a school project.

I think I have done a decent job….let’s hope he will pass it on.

(I have not edited this so please understand any mistakes :) )


You put all your time and effort, fourteen hours a day, every day to perfect your art and ensure realistic characterisation. You push your body to the max to make sure that scenes are as believable as possible. Maybe you even put on weight for a certain role, like Renee Zellweger, who put on 10kg to make a part as best as she could in Bridget Jones’ diary.

On the other hand, you could lose so much weight like Matthew McConaughey, who lost 23kg! to achieve perfect characterisation. How would you feel if you put in all this time and effort as a female actress, to get a top role in a film, and you lose it to a male actor because how the gender equality works in Hollywood. Wouldn’t this make you furious? I personally believe that in Hollywood there should be equal rights for male and female actors.

My first point is on gender equality in Hollywood is that the pay gap is huge! Females are getting paid less money for the same amount of work, or maybe even more, just because of their sex. Men are paid more money than women for sometimes much less work. Robert Downey Jr. earned $10M more than the highest earning female actors of 2013… combined! Top earning female actresses earn, on average, around 40% less than their male co-stars. Robert Downey is just one of many. Amanda Siegfried got only 10% of what her male co-star was earning in a unnamed film. Till October 2015 there wasn’t much of a fuss from female actors, until Jennifer Lawrence came out hard against the gender pat in-equality. She made $52M in the 12 months to June 2015, Which is a huge number, until it was compared to Robert Downey Jr’s $80M. Jennifer Lawrence’s speech at the Oscar awards was on how disgusting the inequality in gender is in Hollywood.

My second point is how gender equality gets involved even in types of roles women have in film. Generally, women get much less speaking time in films than men. Only 30.8% of speaking characters are women, and roughly a third of these are shown in sexually revealing attire or are practically naked! I think it’s wrong, how to get a good speaking part in a film, you will probably have to be naked for a certain time! Yet men are hardly even naked in films.

26.2% of female actors get partially naked, when only 8.4% of men do! Also, on average, for every female actor, there is 2.25 male. So surely there would more chance of men getting naked than women. I find it disgusting how directors use women as an attraction for people to watch. There are much less actresses than actors even though, women purchase half of the movie tickets sold in the U.S.

My final part is on how actresses are taken less seriously than actors. In the journal ‘Law and human behaviour’ by Jessica Salento and Liana Peter-Hagane proves that if a woman expresses their anger, it makes others take their opinion less seriously. 99% of women working in the film and TV industry have experienced sexism.

Sarah Garran says, ‘I’ve endlessly found myself in rooms of men and had the experience of feeling like I wasn’t being heard.’ Emma Watson feels that in the media, she gets treated so incredibly differently from her male co-stars. Most actresses have only been directed by a woman once or twice, this is the only time they feel like they are being heard, or treated respectfully. This proves that women don’t get the more serious jobs in Hollywood, like directing.

To conclude, I feel that all through Hollywood. Women should be treated equally weather it’s in; the pay, type of roles, or anywhere else. It is disgraceful how women are used in films, and how their pay is much less, just because they are female. I believe women should fight for their equality and that inequality in Hollywood should be banned.

I’m not fluffing this post up with anything more. I don’t believe I need to.

The mind of a child is so readily conditioned by the environment they find themselves in.

The decision to quit a full time job and remove him from childcare was the best thing I could have done.

I am simply grateful that the business I am in has enabled me to spend enough time at home

nurturing this wonderful young man to be sure I have had the majority of influence on his mind.

Lucie x

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